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If you’re a wine producer, seller, distributor, marketer or consumer you’re probably watching WineFuture Hong Kong now. You might also be tuning in to the stream of tweets containing the hashtag #wfhk11. Here’s an example of how you can use percollate to discover relevant people within that stream.

What we did was grab the unique twitter users that were responsible for the 100 most recent tweets containing #wfhk11.

From here we can see the most influential European tweeters as measured by Klout:

We can also filter those that both Klout and PeerIndex find influential (reducing the number by 2):

But that’s not the end. Here are the 3 people who, according to PeerIndex, are specifically influential in French Wines:

And here’s who you should talk to about Wine Tasting:

We’re still taking requests for early access to our prototype. Signup today and you could be doing your own analysis on #wfhk11.

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