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Percollate now lets you sort, filter and group Twitter data based on Kred influence metrics.

At Percollate we’re very excited by the growth in companies offering measurable insights into social media. Since ‘Day 1’ we’ve included this valuable data in our application, starting with Klout. Soon afterwards we added PeerIndex and today we added Kred.

We love all these companies but our goal is not to tell you who’s “best”. From experience we know that all our users are individuals with their own understanding of the merits of each metric.

So, what do you get?

We’ve initially added 4 Kred metrics into Percollate.

Kred Influence

Kred Influence is the measure of what others do because of you. Influence increases when others take action because of your content. Your Influence score increases when someone retweets, @replies or follows you.

Kred Outreach

Kred Outreach is the measure of your generosity. Outreach increases when you retweet, @reply, or follow a new person. As you accumulate Outreach Points, you move to a higher Outreach Level. Because Outreach Points are a reward for being active and benevolent, your Outreach Level never goes down.

Top 5 Kred Influence and Outreach Communities

Here we list the top 5 communities that users are either influential in or have outreach in.

We’ll cover some usage examples in our next post. In the meantime, go and take a look for yourself with our free trial.

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