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Earlier today we’ve published an update to percollate. You can now search for information within a geographic cordon. This enables you to get some filtering done early, before the data has even hit our platform. It’s also very flexible and easy to use.

Firstly, this new feature is only available on keyword searches. You’ll see a new map pin appear on the right hand side when you change the tabs to ‘Keyword’…

Keyword Search showing Map Pin

Clicking this pin will open the location filter…

Location Filter

The text box will allow you to search in a very free-format way and display the matching locations in the list on the left. For example, city…


This gave us all the Norwich’s in the US, but I want the one in the UK. So, I can just make my search a little more specific…

Norwich UK

I could also search for a postcode, zip code or full street address…


One added bit of ‘cool’ is the ability to search for known places of interest…

Silverstone Circuit

I used that previous search for the ‘British Sports Car Manufacturers tapping Formula 1. A Marketing Use Case.‘ post.

To conclude this post I’ll re-enter ‘norwich uk’, select the one item in the list and then click ‘Accept’. This location filter is now locked in and will stay that way until you ‘Clear’ it. Finally, searching for the hashtag #socialmedia with this filter gives the following 15 results.

SocialMedia within 50 Miles of Norwich UK

The inclusion of this one feature has added so much power and flexibility to what marketers can do with percollate. If you’ve not sign up for our free early access program it’s not too late.


In this fictional use case I will play the role of a marketing agency for a UK-based sports car manufacturer such as Caterham, Westfield or Lotus. I’ve been tasked with finding a handful of carefully selected people to invite to one of my client’s many track days. For the best ROI I want people that are either potential customers or may be able to influence others to become customers.

During today’s Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi I put our fledgling location-based search through its paces. My starting point was to look for anyone mentioning the #f1 hashtag within 25 miles of the Silverstone Circuit in the UK. Our new ‘More…’ button allows the user to repeatedly get the next page of results. So I quickly found the most recent 300 twitterers that matched.

300 People Mentioning #f1 near Silverstone

Looking at the number of followers it seems I have an outlier. This is an official Mercedes account which I’ll exclude with a simple filter…

Now, even though my search includes a location element, the results contain people who retweeted messages from other people in the correct area. So next I’ll use percollate‘s Location filter to improve my results…

Location Filter

This turns out to be quite an influential group, so filtering them based on a few Klout scores doesn’t make an enormous difference…

So, I’ve now got people from the right location, with the right level of general influence talking about the right topic. What I’d also like is people that are specifically influential in cars and motorsport. For the final step I’ll use a combination of Klout‘s Topics and PeerIndex‘s new Benchmark (Sport) metrics to reduce our sample set to 12…

These people have a better-than-average chance of being ‘petrol heads‘. They love motorsport and, sometimes not so, secretly aspire to become a racing driver. The most accessible form of this is through race-focused cars from manufacturers such as Caterham and Westfield.


Using a location-based search of a prominent motorsport event I was able to discover a dozen individuals who enjoyed, and were influential in, sports cars. Brands such as Caterham, Westfield or Lotus could easily invite these folks to one of their many taster track days at Silverstone. If they have a great day then they’re extremely likely to shout about it to their followers. Inviting such a targeted audience should provide a much greater ROI.

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